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3 Benefits of Removable Insulation Covers

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Removable Insulation Cover
If you own a warehouse or commercial workspace, you may be considering insulating your machinery and pipes. Because the machinery has parts that may need to be moved, manipulated, or routinely inspected, such as valves and switches, you will need to use insulation covers that can easily be removed when needed. 

Insulating your metal machinery pipes and parts can help to regulate the temperature inside of the pipes and prevent freezing. However, there are many additional benefits to insulating these parts. Here are three benefits of removable insulation covers that you may not know. 

1. Insulation Covers Help to Prevent Pipes From Sweating

Uninsulated pipes often form a layer of condensation if the temperature inside the pipes is significantly different from the temperature outside the pipes. For example, if the material running through the pipes is hot, the pipes will be hot to the touch as well. Cold air surrounding a hot pipe can cause condensation to form on the outside of the pipe. 

Condensation forming on your machinery can be detrimental for many reasons. First, condensation or moisture can cause many different types of metal, including steel and iron, to rust and corrode. These effects of condensation can shorten the lifespan of your machinery.

Secondly, when condensation forms, that water can drip off of the machinery and land in other areas. These drips can damage other items in your warehouse or commercial space. 

Insulating your machinery provides a barrier between the pipes and air, helping to prevent condensation from forming. 

2. Insulation Covers Minimize Noise 

Industrial and warehouse machinery can be loud. It can be disruptive to the workplace and can prevent employees from being able to hear what other employees or supervisors are saying or asking of them. Loud noise can also have adverse long-term effects on your employees’ hearing.

When you insulate your machinery, you are helping to reduce the amount of noise that the machinery gives off. Insulated pipes create a quieter workplace, which in turn may help to make the work environment more productive and preserve employees’ hearing.

3. Insulation Covers Increase Employee Safety

There are numerous ways that employees can injure themselves in industrial or warehouse workplaces. While you cannot prevent all injuries, you should take whatever steps possible to minimize the risk of employee injury. You can protect against a few common injuries simply by using removable insulation covers. 

As was discussed earlier, removable insulation covers help to prevent condensation from forming. This condensation can fall on the floor, creating a puddle that could cause an employee to slip and fall.

Removable covers also help to provide a barrier between the employee and hot pipes or pieces of equipment. Protective covers prevent employees from getting burned when they accidentally touch a pipe or fall into a hot piece of equipment. In fact, the presence of the insulating cover signals to employees the need to exercise caution around the machinery.

In addition, removable insulation covers may help you keep insurance premiums low. Workers’ compensation insurance premiums can increase or decrease based on the number of claims you file. Since pipes covered with removable insulation are safer to work around, they should help your employees avoid on-the-job injuries that lead to costly insurance claims and rising premiums.

When you are looking to purchase removable insulation covers, selecting covers that are custom-made to fit your machinery helps to increase the efficiency of the insulated cover and its benefits. When you need custom insulation covers made, turn to Breeding Insulation Company, Chattanooga, Inc. We can help you with all of your commercial and industrial insulation needs. Contact Breeding Insulation today to learn how to get started.